Make a trip along strangers and being the only girl maybe was my craziest thing i ever did. My sweetheart invited me to go on vacation with him. I came along, even though i just close with some of them. It was irritating when i am thinking how come I could go?

Our trip embarked on Wednesday, August 14th, 2013. But I went to Bandung on Sunday with my relatives. I stayed for two days at my boarding house. Everything settled rapidly and all i need to do just to follow my sweetheart’s rules. He was worried i would be tired so i am asked to go earlier and stay at his home. I have no choice but agree it. :p

I spent about a week for vacation with them. Bang Noonk as the driver, bang Iwan as guide leader, Bang Dani, Bang Eky, bang Rey (rosani), and also my sweetheart. At first we fetched bang Roy (another my sweetheart’s friend) at Bumi Ayu. He is the most handsome among the other. Then we were heading Desa Saradan, Pemalang, Central Java to attend bang Bakray’s wedding. Bang Bakray is one of abang’s friend who is in Virapala (Pinggir Rawa Pecinta Alam) too. Unfortunately, I, abang, and bang Noonk couldn’t see their akad/ijab qabul cause i heard that the headman (penghulu) was in hurry. He started it without waiting for the whole family get together.

Bang Bakray's Wedding - Left to Right, Up to Bottom: (Bang Eky, Bang Rey, Bang Majid, Me, Bang Bakray, Bang Bakray's Wife, Bang Roy, Bang Noonk, idk, Bang Jabenk, Bang Iwan, Bang Dani)

Bang Bakray’s Wedding – Left to Right, Up to Bottom: (Bang Eky, Bang Rey, Bang Majid, Me, Bang Bakray, Bang Bakray’s Wife, Bang Roy, Bang Noonk, idk, Bang Jabenk, Bang Iwan, Bang Dani)

Then our member increased. Bang Jabenk who has stayed at bang Bakray’s house few days ago join us to go to Mount. Sumbing. We arrived at 7 sharp. We are greeted friendly by the people at the basecamp “Green Grass”. They were so amusing. The most i love from climbers is their hospitality. We called the rangers of Mount Sumbing, Mas Kris. He is a half old man and how surprisingly, he can speaks Sundanese. Whole people got excited, me too :*

We started climbing at 9 pm but abang as the leader got astray, so we spent about an hour to get to first pos. Finally, We camp there. Cold, Stars in the sky are the right time to exchange the stories with a glass of tea or a cup a coffee. Romantic!

The first pos

The first pos

Later on, the boys is really hard to be awakened and we just started the adventure(?) at 9 am. We arrived at second pos about 4.5 hours and our waters was running out. Thanks to God near by Second pos (Petai China) there is beautiful savana and water saver. After refilled waters we camp again. There is flurry here. Bang Iwan and Bang Roy decided not to go to the Top. I was a bit dissapointed because i don’t know when i could be in Sumbing again, and I prepared something to celebrate Whina’s Birthday at the top. hiks. But if I continue the trip, we’ll got there at night and we had to back to the basecamp in that night too. Finally we decided to rest for a little time and poop, eat, take pictures, blablabla…


At 7 pm we pursued to go down and we got confusion again. we got astray. Moreover, There are people who got hurt so it was impossible to go down at that night. We camp again in the second pos. There is funny story when we got astray, Bang Iwan with his confidence said to bang Jabeng “This is my opinion, i think you just have to throw out the edelweis!” said him sound convincing because the mystical was still convincing bang jabeng threw it out LOL and finally we saved by bang Jabeng’s poop (i won’t tell the detail) LOL.


The reason why we are imposing to go down at that night because we want to go to Dieng too. It will be too late if we go at noon but unfortunately times was still mocking us.

In the basecamp, we were queuing for taking a bath cause the water reached to the limit. Oh, yeaa.. my ankle be sprained here hiks..

At Basecamp "Si Petung" with Mas Agus and Mas Kris

At Basecamp “Si Petung” with Mas Agus and Mas Kris

Then we paid bang Roy and bang EKy’s dream since in the mountain. They looked for mie ongklok. So we came to Alun-alun Wonosobo, ate mie ongklok, and also watched ceremony of HUT RI.

Mie Ongklok

Mie Ongklok

After we’re full, times for Dieng. We just came to Arjuna temple. It was funtastic but a bit scary. aaaaa when you get here, don’t miss to try “PURWACENG”! a cup of coffee purwaceng can warm you up and make you”GRENG” and spiritful :p But I and abang Majid have no chance to try it 😀 In this place you can also buy souvenir such as Edelweis, purwaceng, Gruby (in west java it called keremes), Carica (buahnya para dewa dari dataran tinggi Dieng), etc.


We are late came here, so we just came to that temple then pursued to Bumi Ayu, Bang Roy’s home and back to Jakarta in the day after. Thanks for the trip. We are stranger but i got bunch of blissness. I love you all, i wish there will be next time. See You!

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