Make a trip along strangers and being the only girl maybe was my craziest thing i ever did. My sweetheart invited me to go on vacation with him. I came along, even though i just close with some of them. It was irritating when i am thinking how come I could go?

Our trip embarked on Wednesday, August 14th, 2013. But I went to Bandung on Sunday with my relatives. I stayed for two days at my boarding house. Everything settled rapidly and all i need to do just to follow my sweetheart’s rules. He was worried i would be tired so i am asked to go earlier and stay at his home. I have no choice but agree it. :p

I spent about a week for vacation with them. Bang Noonk as the driver, bang Iwan as guide leader, Bang Dani, Bang Eky, bang Rey (rosani), and also my sweetheart. At first we fetched bang Roy (another my sweetheart’s friend) at Bumi Ayu. He is the most handsome among the other. Then we were heading Desa Saradan, Pemalang, Central Java to attend bang Bakray’s wedding. Bang Bakray is one of abang’s friend who is in Virapala (Pinggir Rawa Pecinta Alam) too. Unfortunately, I, abang, and bang Noonk couldn’t see their akad/ijab qabul cause i heard that the headman (penghulu) was in hurry. He started it without waiting for the whole family get together.
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