Tangan Lain yang Menyentuh My Arperm

There’s nothing people who ever touch my arperm but xxxx. But yesterday there’s another hand which touched it. He helped me to repair my IDM. IDM has cracked by xxxx, but I updated it even though I know nothing about it, so that my pc detected the problem, “You have been registered with fake serial number. IDM is exiting.” Pathetic. Then I told it to xxxx. He asked me to uninstall it IDM. Yeahhh… I do.

When I will do my tasks, I just realize if I need IDM, indeed. It took long time when I was downloading data without IDM. I hate of wasting my time to wait download result. I share my problems to my brother class in 3rd grade, Afer, he guides me to heal it. At first, I tried to download and install it by myself twice but yeah I got failed. I downloaded a new version IDM 607 with patch, but I can’t install it yet. I do blame myself who can’t handle it problem, then I blamed this college which not provide people to maintain about IT. Hopeless place.

I ask Afer to help me and thanks to God, he aint refuse it. Whuaaaa… How pleased I am! Now I see the problem, I didn’t delete all of the first IDM data registration. What boo-boo!

I will always get mind about people who helped me. Yeaaa… I can do nothing but increase my list praying. I see if Afer wanna gotta Japan. I wish he can be there someday. I hope God grants all prettiest things that he wished for, soon. Amin.


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